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We invest in Real Estate, Transportation & Logistics, Food & Agriculture, we also source for and invest in raw and processed agricultural products and export from Nigeria to any part of the world.

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09081513838, 08136464742

Enricher BNPL

Enricher Fintech provides Halal Buy-Now Pay-Later items financing that enables individuals & Businesses to purchase items or properties (such as Household items, Electronics, Houses, Cars and other valuables) from our business partners with scheduled future payment.

3d render of home appliances collection set

How Enricher Buy Now, Pay Later Works

To enjoy Enricher Buy Now Pay later,
Download Enricher mobile app and register.
Your registration is approved and you receive BNPL Code.
You make a purchase at a partner retailer outlet (like Samsung) and opt for Enricher Buy Now Pay Later at checkout with your BNPL code.

You then pay up the amount due in a series of installments.
You can pay via Enricher mobile app, a cheque or bank transfer; payments can also be deducted from your debit card, bank account, or credit card as scheduled automatically.

car Finance

Family Couch

Household Items

Kitchen Items

Generator set


Benefit of Enricher Buy-Now Pay-Later

The Enricher Buy Now Pay Later items financing enables you to get the things you need immediately while also getting extra time to pay for them.
Enricher Buy Now Pay Later financing is made available for those who can’t or don’t want to foot the bill for something all at once: It extends you credit—without imposing steep interest charges—but with a flexible repayment schedule so you don’t get into a mountain-of-ongoing-debt situation.

  • Zero interest items financing loan
  • Convenient, disciplined way to pay for purchases over time
  • Good credit/high credit score not necessary to qualify
  • Fast approval
  • No collateral or long paper work
enricher fintech team

How to Apply for Enricher Buy-Now Pay-Later Items Financing

  • Download Enricher Mobile app on Google Play store
  • Register on the mobile app
  • Apply for Buy-Now Pay-Later Items financing 
  • Your application is reviewed and approved
  • Get your BNPL code.
  • Visit any of our merchant partner’s outlet or online stores with your BNPL code
  • Pick any of the items you want and checkout with your BNPL code.
  • Simple and easy.

With Enricher Fintech, life’s cool!


Customer Love

Enricher fintech delivered on their promise. I purchase family couch and pay over four months without stress and no interest. Thank you Enricher
Profsain Husain
At first, I could not beleive it. Enricher Halal buy now pay later is the best items financing. I purchase kitchen items from Enricher merchant partners and pay later over 3 months.
Ahmed Sa'eed
Without taking proper consideration, you could go ahead with a mismatche interest financing services. Enricher provide Halal zero interest items financing. I have benefited and my friends too. with all.
Fatima Adebayo

Theenricher.org is a property of Enricher Capital and Trust LTD, a company duly registered with CAC with RC Number: 1753940. Theenricher.org provides financial services under a Cooperative License with a registration number 15826. Both Enricher Capital and Trust LTD and Enricher Cooperative Society LTD are legal entities in Nigeria. Our investment professionals invest savers funds in financial instruments and manage the investments to ensure optimum return, we also provide an avenue to connect the unbanked to halaal funds to grow their businesses. To ensure security of savers funds, assets are held by FBN Quest Trustees, a company registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) on behalf of savers. These assets are marked to market periodically to ensure savers are protected.