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Enricher Rent-To-Own- Housing Scheme

Hello fellow Nigerians! 🔇🔇🔇📢📢📢📣📣📣. Borrow me your hears abeg. I want to tell you a story. Mr Ifodele bought a mortgage in 2008, a 3bedroom for ₦7.5m at Lokogoma, Abuja. He lives in the main building with his young family. He gave the 2room BQ out. His BQ goes for ₦550,000 annually, his monthly mortgage is ₦33,000. God is so kind to him, he moved his family to a bigger apartment and sold the property, offset the remaining the mortgage. You like to know how much he sold the property in 2022? He sold the property for ₦41m! I leave you to do the mathematics. Now tell me your reason for living in a rented house and you’re not considering mortgage even as Enricher Fintech brings it close and easy? I’m a woman no stop you. I’m not based in Nigeria isn’t an excuse, I’m Nigerian, 18years, is all you need o!!!


Frequently asked Questions

All You Need To Know About Enricher Rent-To-Own-Housing Scheme

General Questions

It is a direct rent to purchase the house that is why it is called Rent to Own. You pay in monthly
installments. There’s no percentage required to be paid before deduction starts.

Bungalow City Dei Dei
Luxair Apartments, LifeCamp
Bristol Apartments, LifeCamp
Wiser Estate, Lugbe
Sioni Estate Kurudu

All the current properties are semi finished. Except the Lugbe Property which has both Semi finished and Finished. Semi Finished entails completion of the exterior , basic finishing in the interior, electrical fittings, doors n windows, plumbing fittings,plastered wall.

Bungalow City

3 Bedroom Bungalow Terrace is N13,500,000

2Bedroom Bungalow Terrace N12,500,000

3Bedroom Bungalow Fully Detached N25,000,000

Mode of Payment
For the first 2 properties, required only is a payment of N50,000. Monthly repayment begins after you move in.

The Fully Detached requires an equity contribution of 30% (N7,500,000), 15Million covered by Mortgage and balance to be spread in 6months

Kurudu Apartments
2Bedroom Bungalow Terrace is N10,750,000
3Bedroom Bungalow Semi Detached is N13,000,000
3Bedroom Bungalow Fully Detached is N14,000,000
Mode of Payment
Same as 1A n B above( N50,000 only before moving in)

Luxair Apartments, LifeCamp
2 Bedroom Block of Flats N14,000,000
3Bedroom Block of Flats N19,000,000
3Bedroom Terrace Duplex 26,000,000

Mode of Payment
30%equity on total amount, balance to be spread in 6months. N15Million Mortgage support available as well

Brains and Hammers city, LifeCamp

4Bedroom Duplex N35,000,000
Mode of Payment
30% equity contribution(11,500,000) N15Million covered by Mortgage. Balance to be spread in 9Months

Wiser Estate, Lugbe Gosa
2 Bedroom Blocks of flats prefinished – N14,550,000
2 Bedroom Blocks of flats Fully finished – N19,550,000
3 Bedroom Blocks of Flats Prefinished -16,550,000
3 Bedroom Blocks of Flats Fully finished 21,550,000
Mode of Payment
30% equity on total amount, balance to be spread in 6months. N15Million Mortgage support available as well.

Application fee of N50,000 payable upon submission of application. Payment for the house is monthly to be deducted at source. Also note there’s a 7% annual rental charge on the total cost of the building on a reducing balance.


Members have a maximum of 30yrs to pay for the housing scheme.

For now, no. You can check our website from time to time for updates.

Payment options

If you can pay your monthly required repayment, then you are good to go. Otherwise you can register your child who’s above 18 years provided he/she meets the required income target. Better still, if you have a business where your child is a shareholder or Director then you can use your Corporate Account for the application.

Check our website at www.theenricher.org or the Federal Mortgage Bank website

Yes, you can make an outright purchase. A member can pay one-off for the house, a member can
also pay lump sum as monthly contribution for the housing scheme to ensure quick payment for the
house provided they have the capacity

No, Rental Charge is only for those paying through mortgage


A member can rent/sell the property only after full payment has been made and papers of the
house have been issued to the member.

Yes, but you may need to use either your next of kin, partner, your kids or any other person but
not yourself.

They include the following;
Roads, Electricity, Drainage, Playground & sports centre and Street lights, supermarkets, bank, Police
station, Plaza, Hospitals, Religious Houses etc

Qualification is based on your ability to pay back.
Speak to any of our representative for your affordability. You can do that through the chat button or putting a call through to this number 08136464742

Once a person passes the monthly income required threshold, such a person’s probability of getting approval is over 98%. Even disapproved applications can be re submitted such a case we’ve never even had.

1. Stamped Bank Statement ( For the last 6months)2. Letter of Appointment
3. Confirmation of Appointment
4. A Valid means of Identification
5. BVN printout which shows your picture
6. Office ID
7. NHF Biodata( For non civil servants it will be processed)
8. Pay slips for the past 3 months
9. Evidence of additional source of income if available

Click on the Apply Now Button or Call 08136464742, 07088814094
You can also visit our physical address at Crest Plaza, FCMB Building 2nd Floor, 1st Avenue Gwarinpa Abuja.

 Apply now

Application Requirements

  • Stamped Bank Statement ( For the last 6months)
  • Letter of Appointment
  • Confirmation of Appointment
  • A Valid means of Identification
  • BVN printout which shows your picture
  • Office ID
  • NHF Biodata( For non civil servants it will be processed)
  • Pay slips for the past 3 months
  • Evidence of additional source of income if available
  • Application fee of N50,000

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